Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nepali workers in the UAE : opportunity and challenges

Dubai's famous Jumeriah beach with immage of world renowned seven star hotel Burj Al Arab.

-By Sudip Adhikari

I have been working in this rapidly developing country since three couple years. United Arab Emirates is a middle east country. We used to think that except oil, gulf countries do not have anything. But now UAE became example in Asia that if the government keeps will power, anything is possible to turn the country into the new era. And, this country is getting hard work support from thousands Nepali nationals.
Of course, Nepali themselves are hard worker. They are dutiful for the given job either they work insight the country or they work abroad. Important things is that how much a worker gets as the return from the hard work. So many Nepalese have left the country and more and more are leaving. First, there is very less opportunity and other, employment environment insight the country is unfair.


Nepali has very good name here in the UAE. They are most trusted among all nationals. Because of their hard work and honesty some qualified Nepali youth now entering in very powerful posts in big and world branded companies. Big companies choose Nepali people for sensitive and responsible posts and jobs. It is already proved from the statements of UAE labor minister that he is ready to welcome Nepali workers in the UAE even in very high numbers.


The majority population of youth comes from government school at present Nepal. And we all know that the quality of education in government schools is not available as needed. Big percentage of workforce of Nepali origins in foreign countries represents from this group. That's why they are facing problems to be benefited from the golden opportunity where they are already working. They are facing speaking lack ness of international languages and lack of some accountancy knowledge. Technical knowledge is another big lack ness for Nepali workers here.


In Nepal, we need to establish many more technical institute to train for demanded skills in home country and foreign country. There is always high demand of workforce related accountancy, hospitality industry, retail business, construction, computer, teaching and many more in the UAE and other developed countries as well. In my view, our youth population needs these knowledge with high educational qualifications. If we have balance of hard work and talent, no any other nationals can beat Nepali workers in the labor market anywhere in the world.


Our country is in transition now. Every Nepali working abroad always worries about the country. Because of unrest political situation, lives of Nepali people is very much suffered. Just we request now to all political leaders to break all differences, keep harmony and take the country on the path of peace and development.



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